What's New in the 2013 Real Estate Market

Posted by Steph Kaye on Monday, June 3rd, 2013 at 4:54pm.

With the housing crisis behind us, the real estate market is changing and evolving rapidly. What are these changes and what do they mean for buyers and sellers?


Buyers can expect to see a low level of inventory on the market. This means that there will be heavy competition for desirable properties. Buyers should be prepared to make attractive offers to sellers. The best way to do this is to hire an agent who is experienced in negotiation and competitive situations. Lang Premier Properties is one of these agencies.

Another way to ensure you find your dream home is to get off the computer and get out on foot. Look in neighborhoods you enjoy and knock on doors if you need to. See where people are selling. Some people don't know they want to sell their home until they have the right offer!

And, when it is finally time to put in an offer, make sure you are pre-approved. Any obstacle you can remove in order to buy makes you look more attractive to a seller. In addition, be willing to make some concessions in the seller's favor. Finally, and this is becomming more and more popular, you know the address of the sellers, write them a personal letter. Putting a voice to your offer instead of just numbers is a good way to get ahead.


Pick the right price for your home. Nothing drives potential buyers away like an overpriced home. Even an underpriced home signals that something might be wrong. Again, an experienced agent like Lang Premier Properties can help you with this delicate decision. After deciding on a price, be sure to make your home viral. In today's market, your home needs to be listed on various websites in order to get the traffic and competition you want to see. People are doing far more house research online than anywhere else these days.

Once you have decided to sell your home, read up on tips to give your home curb appeal. Lang Premier Properties offers various articles on the subject! Check them out here, here and here.

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