Why Is My House Not Selling? Find Out Helpful Tips to Change That!

Posted by Steph Kaye on Monday, September 25th, 2017 at 11:05pm.

So think you have a home that will rapidly sell in this hot market and then reality hits and you’re on the market longer than you expected. What happened? What can you do differently? Apparently, there are several items which can turn buyers off and the sooner you understand what they are the sooner you can sell. 

The major issues are:






Now let’s examine them more thoroughly.

Clutter: People walk into a house envisioning themselves living there. If your house is filled with clutter it’s an impediment that can’t be overlooked. So keep it clean and organized.

Staging: An industry proven augmentation to any home. Make it look pretty!

Price: If you think you can set a high price and come down that can be a problem. People who otherwise might acquire your property at a more reasonable price (that still gives you a profit!) won’t buy your place. We believe it’s imperative to work with your realtor to figure out the best AND most realistic price for your property.

Details: Once again, be sure to work with your realtor to ensure that all of the details in your listing are accurate! For example, a zero can be brutalize you…$450,000 vs. $4,500,000. Accidents happen! Don’t let your house be on the receiving end of one.

Disrepair: Although everything might seem ok with your house – is there actually a major issue that does need tending to. The article below notes that only 19% of buyers are willing to compromise on large scale upgrades like – a new roof or water heater. Thus, you might seriously consider doing the upgrades on your dime before asking a buyer to do it on there’s…you might be handsomely rewarded.

So take these things into consideration when listing your home and happy housing!!!

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