Exclusive Buyer's Agent: Your Key To Home Buying Success

Working with an exclusive buyer's agent is absolutely crucial for serious buyers who want to make the right choices when buying a home. A buyer's agent looks after the buyer's best interests and only succeeds when the buyer does. Take a look at the following advantages to working with your own buyer's agent when purchasing your next home.

The Promise Of Your Steph Kaye & Associates' Buyer's Agent:

  • I negotiate the best possible price for YOU; I do not represent the seller. When I sign a contract, I represent only you and your best interests.
  • Using the information provided by you, I search for all the best possible listings to meet your criteria.

  • I can point out the strengths and shortcomings of each property.
  • I can provide a true evaluation of a property’s worth, not the value as perceived by the seller or seller’s agent.

  • I offer advice on making offers, and provide guidance on inspections and warranties.
  • I can provide honest, accurate financial information about a specific neighborhood, and how it may affect current and future home values.

  • I can perform loan analysis from multiple lenders to find the most favorable loan for your specific situation.
  • Most importantly, I PROTECT YOUR PERSONAL INFORMATION.  I am not obligated to provide that information to the seller and/or their agents. 

When you're ready to work with an expert and have the best possible home buying experience, contact Steph Kaye & Associates online or call 248.268.3539.