DIY Home Staging

michigan home staging tipsSet the mood, show off your space and sell your Michigan home with these staging tips. Staging your home can be the difference between having to accept a low offer and receiving numerous competitive bids. It can be the transformation that a stagnant listing needs to fly off the market. Home staging can be the single thing that makes you want to stay in your home after all. When you simply must have results, you need a home stager on your selling team.

Staging your home can actually be a big payoff in the end. The benefits of hiring a stager usually result in higher offers and even less time your home is on the market!  In fact, the cost of hiring a stager is often times less than your first price reduction. If hiring a stager isn’t in your budget, simply follow the 10 tips below to ensure you catch the interest of potential home buyers.

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Here are our top tips to stage your home to sell:

  1.  Remove Photos

This may seem weird to some people, but the fact is, removing your personal photos actually helps prospective buyers imagine themselves in your home more than if you were to keep them up.  Another reason removing photos before showing your home is successful, is because a potential buyer will spend more time looking at the displayed photographs and may not actually give their full attention to your home.  Performing this easy step helps you in two ways: sells your home quicker and also gives you less to pack when you actually sell your home.  It’s truly a win-win situation!

  1.  Accentuate the Positive

Everyone usually has that super special room in their house that they are proud of and look forward to showing off.  Now is the time to accentuate that area!  Whether it is the kitchen, the entryway, or the master bedroom, make sure the area is in pristine shape.  9 times out of 10, your favorite spot will be someone else’s favorite spot as well!

  1.  Smells Like Home

You don’t like coming home and smelling something musty or stinky in your home… the same goes for prospective buyers!  Be sure to have your home always smelling fresh and inviting.  Plug-ins or candles work, but be sure that the scents are not overwhelming.

  1.  Ditch the Kitsch and Hide Your Opinions

Everyone has different ideas of what “funny” is.  When you are inviting prospective buyers into your home, you want to be sure to not offend them or their values.  This may mean having to put away a funny picture on the fridge or inappropriate material in any other room of the house.

  1.  Clean Up Your Act

It is obvious that you should be sure to have your home in pristine shape and always clean, but this also means to make sure you remove any clutter!  Everyone has their own opinion of what clean is to them and some people feel clutter is dirty.  You don’t want to turnoff any potential buyer due to a few extra items lying around the house.   The best thing to do is keep items that are an absolute necessity and put all the others in boxes to get a head-start on packing.

  1.  Embrace the Quiet

Some people feel it is nice to play music during scheduled showings, but one important thing to keep in mind is not everyone likes the same music as you!  If you are one to play music during this time, consider playing softer, soothing music that doesn’t have vocals.  Try to avoid having the television on unless you are playing a music-only channel.  If you are at a loss and are unsure of what to do, no music is better than music that is set too loud or music the potential buyers hate.

  1.  Paint the Story

Painting a few rooms before showing your home is always a good idea.  You want to be sure to paint your home in more neutral colors and usually choose a satin paint depending on the room you are painting.  Using more neutral colors will help to minimize the potential buyers shock at bright, drastic colors that they may not like.

Also, neutral paint selections go with more furniture options versus the shocking colors, allowing potential buyers to imagine their own furniture sitting in your home.

  1.  Pet-Proof the Pad

If you are pet owners, be sure to always make certain the pet areas have been cleaned before any showing appointments come to view your home.  Also, you may consider using an air purifier when you are having showings, to be courteous of the potential buyers who may have pet allergies.  Lastly, be sure to have the air smelling fresh and pet free for each and every appointment.

  1.  Show-Off the Goods

If you are including any appliances or items with the home, consider using laser-printed cards to draw attention to these items. These cards are inexpensive and a good way to point out the bonus features of your home and set it apart from other homes the potential buyer may be visiting as well. You should be sure to not use more than 5-10 cards per room, anymore can seem redundant and cluttered.

  1.  Go Away

Most important step in making your home show ready is to leave before the prospective buyers get there.  No one wants to discuss your home while you are standing by possibly listening.  Not only will the buyers be more willing to stay longer in your home, but they are more likely to discuss with each other their likes and dislikes right there.

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