Shelby Township Schools & Family Living

Shelby Township families have a tendency to be happy, well-rounded and educated groups of individuals. A wide range of parks and recreation facilities give family members plenty of extracurricular activities to engage in. From skate parks to sports fields, fitness trails to archery ranges, Shelby Twp's fantastic collection of amenities ensures there's something for everyone.

Better still, Shelby Township families benefit from very low crime rates and an excellent quality of local, public education. Shelby Twp also has a fantastic community spirit, and it's common to see neighbors come together to better their neighborhoods.

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High Quality Schools In Shelby Township

Shelby Township schools are very highly rated, receiving accolades at all educational levels. Over a dozen fantastic public elementary schools, as well as several middle and high schools, allow home owners to choose the school that's right for their children. Most students in Shelby Township attend school as part of the Utica Community Schools district, although some fall within the Romeo Community Schools designated area.

At the private school level, the Peace Lutheran School offers a coed, religious education to students in PK-8.

Shelby Township: Safe & Neighborly

The crime rates in Shelby Township are significantly lower than the state average, giving the entire community an incredibly safe vibe. Better still, Shelby Twp feels like a community, as neighbors are prone to look out for one another. This sense of neighborliness greatly enhances life in Shelby Township.

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