Tips For Selling Luxury Homes

When you're dealing with exquisite real estate, you need a strategy that goes above and beyond the ordinary market. Lang Premier Properties is an experienced luxury real estate group, with proven results. Here are our top tips for selling luxury homes in Michigan and beyond.

Move out, stage it & show off

luxury selling tipsWhen on the market, luxury homes need to look phenomenal and flawless 24/7. The best way to do this is to completely move out, stage the home with a design professional, and ensure the home is always spotless.

Light maintenance will include mowing the lawn, keeping the gardens alive and gentle cleaning between showings.

Hire a real estate photographer

First impressions are absolutely crucial with luxury real estate, which is why you need stunning photos from day one. Investing in an experienced real estate photographer—from a firm that specializes specifically in real estate photography—will be one of the smartest moves you make. Breathtaking luxury photos can be worth much more than a thousand words!

Work with a luxury brokerage

Any brokerage can sell a luxury home, but it doesn't mean they do it well. Working with a luxury brokerage means you're working with proven professionals who know the intricate nuances of the luxury real estate world. We always recommend working directly with a luxury brokerage, like Lang Premiere Propeties.

Network with potential buyers

The luxury real estate market is people oriented and relies on a strong network of educated, business-savvy individuals. Networking and marketing a home's value directly to qualified buyers is crucial to selling luxury homes, as is the ability to "wine and dine". If you don't have the network or people skills to sell your luxury real estate on your own, hire someone who does.

Market extensively

When you're working with exquisite real estate, you need a marketing campaign that will do your home justice. Professional photos, online marketing campaigns and traditional media are just the tip of the iceberg. Contact Lang Premier Properties to find out more about how we will market your luxury property.

Be patient throughout the process

Luxury homes tend to stay on the market longer than regular homes because fewer buyers can afford them. Luxury homes are also ultra-custom, which means it can be harder to get the right person through the door. (This is where a good agent comes in!) When you're working with a smaller pool of interested buyers, it can take longer to make a good match.

Learn more about selling your luxury home with Lang Premier Properties. Call 1-855-526-4466 or message us online to get started!