Waterford Home Staging

Home StagingLang Premier Properties has developed a Waterford home staging program that is powerful, effective and generates significant results. Our program is simple:

When you list your Waterford home with Lang Premier Properties, we'll stage it for free!

Lang Premier Properties has partnered with an elite home staging firm in the Metro Detroit region, allowing us to ensure that every one of our dedicated clients receives a top-notch service. List your home with our company, and our home staging partners will transform your house into an extremely marketable piece of real estate. We'll pay all the fees on your behalf, leaving you with nothing but the perks.

Perks Of Waterford Home Staging

There are numerous benefits to staging your home, all of which contribute to the ease and success of your sale. According to HUD, staged homes:

  • Sell for up to 17% more money
  • Sell in half the time
  • Generate higher appraisal scores
  • Receive better home inspection results
  • Result in stronger, more competitive offers

With so much to gain, Lang Premier Properties knew that we had to ensure each and every one of our clients can receive these benefits. That's why we developed our Waterford home staging program, and it's why we're willing to make the investment into home staging on your behalf.

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