West Bloomfield Home Staging

Home StagingLang Premier Properties' West Bloomfield home staging program is the competitive edge you need to sell your home quickly, efficiently and for the highest possible profit.

We have partnered with an extremely talented home staging firm, developing a unique program for our valued clients. When you sell your home with Lang Premier Properties, we'll stage it for free! We pay all the home staging fees on your behalf.

The program essentially works like this:

Step 1: You choose to list your home with Lang Premier Properties
Step 2: Our home staging experts transform your home, at no cost to you
Step 3: We sell your home quickly and profitably!

Home staging is a tried and true method of generating results in the home selling process. According to HUD, when compared to unstaged homes, stage homes:

  • Sell in 1/2 the time
  • For 17% more profit!

In addition, these homes also have a tendency to receive higher appraisal values and generate more competitive offers. By ensuring your home shows off its best side, we pique buyer interest and increase their desire to buy your home.

Read more about home staging or contact Lang Premier Properties to find out more!